Tulsi Plant Grow

project summary

About product

It’s a biodegradable eco-friendly nutrient which consists of Nitrogen and Sulfur content, which ensures continuous supply of nitrogen to plant and facilitates better absorption of micro elements from soil which helps in activation of metabolic activities in plant system

Why we made:

Tulsi is the most common and sacred plant generally planted in front side of majority houses. Leaves are a major part of plant and have some medicinal value to human beings also. therefore, getting healthy, broad shaped and high-density leaves is essential

How to use:

Mix 1 ml of Tulsi Grow in one liter of water, mix well and then spray the solution over the entire plant surfaces at 15 days interval


  • Increases chlorophyll content in leaves
  • Enhances foliage in plants, since leaves are the economical part in Tulsi
  • Builds the immunity system