Sap Suck-MAST For Plants

project summary

About product

Sap- suck MAST is a systemic insecticide, when applied on the sap sucking pests, absorbed into a plant and distributed throughout its tissues, reaching the plant’s stem, leaves, roots, and any fruits or flowers.

Why we made:

Sucking pests like Aphids, Mealy bugs, Mites, Thrips and Scales are very serious problems in all types of plants like vegetables, fruits, indoor plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants and succulents. Sap Suck-MAST mainly interferes with the nervous system of the pest and targets specifically those pests which suck the sap of plants.

How to use:

Mix1ml of Sap Suck-MAST in one litre of water and the diluted solution to be sprayed on the plant.


  • Increase in the yield level without any residual affect.
  • Reduction of sucking pests.
  • Protection of crop loss.