project summary

About product

It comes with carbendazim fungicide which gives protection to control powdery growth on leaf specially in winter season.

Why we made:

Powdery mildew (powdery growth on leaves), mainly caused by the fungus infects all creepers, including muskmelons, squash, cucumbers, gourds, watermelons and pumpkins and also on fruit vegetables like Bendi, Tomato and Chili. In severe cases, powdery mildew can cause premature death of leaves, and reduce yield and fruit quality.
How to use:

Mix 1 gram of Powmel -CDM in 1 liter of water, stir it well and the solution is ready for spray.

Gradually plants foliage recovers its green color and also increases photosynthesis efficiency in the plant resulted in higher yield and quality production.