All Plants Multi Nutrients

project summary

About product

The Multi Nutrients granules will be having polymer coating over its surface which facilitates slow release of nutrients. This nutrient granule will have almost 11 essential elements. It is elastic and highly resistant. Over a period of time, the solution inside the granule will produce aroma thereby it attracts the active / white roots of the plant and roots will absorbs the specific quantity of nutrients required. The nutrients will be released till 5-6 months and later it will degrade in soil itself (biodegradable).

Why we made:

Different plants require different plant nutrients at different growth stages. To satisfy the need of plants to these nutrients, we had introduced this Multi-nutrient.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 teaspoons of multi nutrient per plant once in 15 days interval for balanced nutrient supply and healthy growth.


  • Continuous and slow release of nutrients throughout the plant life cycle
  • Timely and limited release of nutrients according to plant growth stages
  • Higher efficiency of nutrient use
  • No nutrient loss from irrigation water
  • Thick and quality leaves so that pests and disease attack will be less
  • Quality and quantity of yield can be increased

Full nutritional benefit of fruit can be expected since there is a timely release of essential elements