Hybiscus Plant Special

project summary

About product

It’s a complete nutrient required to plant at specific growth stage like vegetative and flowering stage. it is very much essential for balanced growth of plants. It regulates the water movement inside the plant thus maintains the temperature of plant.

Why we made:

Hibiscus is the most common worshipped flower in India. It’s the hardy and tolerate crop therefore majority people prefers. Mainly the product builds the immune system of plant since hibiscus is prone for sucking pests and getting quality flowers is main agenda

How to use:

Mix 1 gm of Hibiscus special in one liter of water, stir it well and then spray the solution over the entire plant surfaces at 15 days interval specially during budding stage


  • Helps to get good quality broad shaped flowers
  • Increase the number of flowers in plant
  • Helps in protein synthesis in plant system

Provides resistance to plant system and promotes root growth