CatPillar-IMMB For Plants

project summary

About product

A contact insecticide Cat pillar-IMMB found effective against caterpillars, works effectively only when insects come in contact with the material. It’s a biological insecticide derived from naturally occurring soil bacteria’s through fermentation

Why we made:

Cater pillars are very problematic in many of the plant species. Young caterpillars chew/ bite the leaves from underside; however, the upper part stays intact. Large caterpillars also damage the flowers, fruits and young shoots. Certain species bore into the fruits and stems, which are hard to detect and control.

How to use:

Mix 1 gram of cat pillar- IMMB in 1 liter of water, stir it well and spray


  • Helps to obtain quality yield without any infection
  • Nutrient quality of the crop can be maintained
  • Loss of crop due to caterpillars can be prevented thereby increases the quantity of yield

No residual effect on fruits or leaves