Calcium Supplement For Plants

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About product

Calcium considered as secondary nutrients which need to be supplied in bit large quantities to all plants for the formation of cell walls and cell membranes, and it plays a vital role in maintaining pH of growing media and its structure. Calcium is immobile in both growing media and in plants. Due to the immobility of this element, a continuous supply of calcium must be given for plants to access.

Why we made:

There was more problem with respect to growing Tomatoes. Blossom End Rot was the major issue which we use to observe in Tomatoes, Brinjal and Chilies. A black circular spot at the blossom end of Tomatoes, Brinjal and Chilies made many garden lovers to stop growing these crops. To encounter this issue, Calcium introduction was very much in need.

How to use:

Apply 3-4 teaspoons of calcium per plant once in 10 days interval for adequate calcium supply starting from vegetative stage till fruiting stage


Adequate supply of calcium at proper stages will help in getting good quality fruits and plants have a proper structure. As a result, one can harvest Tomato fruits without blossom end rot. Even good quality fruits in Chili and Brinjal.