Boron Supplement For Plants

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About product

Boron is an essential micronutrient required by all the plants which helps in better uptake of Phosphorous and Potassium by forming root groups. Shortage of Boron causes loss in yield due to improper flower formation and poor pollination. Boron is required for both vegetative as well as reproductive stage of plant growth. Also, it plays an important role in pollen tube growth and over all flower development and plays major role in effective pollination. Boron supplement is a concentrated fertilizer complexed with ethanolamine which is free from sodium.

Why we made:

Most of the creepers like Cucumber, Ridge gourd, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd and Snake gourd requires good pollination capacity to form the fruits. And Boron is also required to have healthy growing tip growth. To facilitate proper pollination, Boron is very important.

How to use:

Mix 0.5 mL of Boron supplement in 1 liter of water and mixed solution should be sprayed on the leaves and flowers once in 10 days interval exactly at bud initiation and flowering stage of the crop plants.


  1. Increasing number of pollens
  2. Helps in pollen tube germination
  3. Increases number of flowers per plant
  4. Helps in good fruit set and seed set
  5. Involved in cell growth and inter-nodal development
  6. Required for root and shoot tip growth
  7. It strengthens the cell wall