Marketing & Sales

Digital & Social Media Support

Marketing & Sales Support

  • Postings along with pictures of products, usage, purchasing, foot fall to Plant Nursery, sales related posts, cost related posts, Location of Plant Nurseries
  • Live shows of Plant Nursery visits, customer opinions and reviews, Plant Nursery person opinion
  • Videos of Plant Nursery product display, customer purchasing and sales
  • Introduction of Plant Nursery person- posts/ videos
  • Facebook promotions

  • Activities on special occasions like soil day, environmental day, farmers day, earth day, horticulture day, green revolution day
  • Presentations on special occasions on plant care products
  • Gifting some indoor plants on occasions
  • Activities in schools and colleges

  • Site selection for different types of plants
  • Media preparation of plants like indoors, succulents, ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • Seeds and saplings selection
  • Plant Nursery care, portray sowing
  • After care of plants
  • Nutrient management
  • Pest and disease management
  • Containers selection of different plants
  • Irrigation
  • Kids workshop

  • Road side stalls
  • Apartments
  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Party gatherings
  • Churches/temples
  • Stalls in exhibitions
  • Stalls in schools and college events

  • National gardening conference
  • Gardening mela
  • International gardening conference

  • Krishi mela
  • Horticulture mela
  • Flower show
  • Events in parks

  • International exhibition
  • National exhibition
  • Sate exhibition
  • Krishi mela across country

  • Nationwide product campaign
  • Plant Nursery campaign
  • Distributors campaign

  • News paper
  • Tv adsv
  • Magazines

Customer Care

Focusing on the customer experience isn’t just the latest trend — it’s also a smart business. It turns out that making every touchpoint great doesn’t just make customers love you; it can also increase your profits. Surveys have shown that 86 % of customers would pay more for a better customer experience. You may decide to tier your customer base if some are willing to pay more for premium experiences, including premium support, early access to features, or other benefits. Either way, good customer service experiences will benefit your bottom line.

A dedicated team will be always ready to solve all the distributors quarries related to products, placing orders, product dispatch details, payment processes and any other related information about distribution-ship.

A team of Agriculture and Horticulture graduates will work on plant nursery person quarries related to product information, plant related information, product usage and its application.

A team of Agriculture and Horticulture graduates will work to solve all the customers quarries and doubts related to nutrients, pests and diseases. Product information related to its dosage, usage, application methods and all the inputs related to growing plants confidently and successfully.

Supply chain management

With effective Supply Chain Management, inventory, production, distribution, sales and distributor inventory are all tightly controlled. We manage costs at every step and delivering goods to customers as quickly as possible.

We ensure proper production of goods to supply each and every Distributors with timelines and make sure that the product has to reach the customers without any hassles.

A dedicated team will take care of product orders, production, packing and product dispatch with tracking information to distributors. We also actively streamline the business’s supply-side activities to maximise customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Research & Development

We are Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in the company and overseeing the development of new products.

We mainly focus on best nutrient technology which enables the gardeners to harvest sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables and grow plants successfully.

Providing long term nutrient technology helps them to reduce the money spent on the nutrients and decreases the nutrient application rates. Providing an effective molecule which reduces the pest and diseases load will ensures higher yields from what they grow. Best pest and disease controlling solutions is our motto and to make happy gardeners with our products.

We have a world class team of dedicated, professional, skilled and experienced experts to keep innovating new plant care products to capture the gardening industry to boost up your sales and profits round the year. We as a team will always be with you and ready to serve in 360 degree related to plant nutrient management information, pest and diseases queries and any information related to plant care products.

  • A complete training about product and its description, product list, product rating, product comparison, product pricing, Sales by region, competitor analysis, competitive advantage.
  • Product usage and its dosage, product application methods, interval of product application, target plants, results and benefits will be explained by our experts.
  • Essential products necessary for a garden
  • The reason behind innovating 1gm and 1 ml sachets and advantages to end users.
  • Technology involved in product development

  • Training related to different marketing channels like Social media, Content Marketing, Offline Marketing, Digital advertising, Public references, Branding and e-mail marketing.
  • Basic sales knowledge, sales process, soft skills, professional skills.
  • Negotiations, management, customer service, presentations and essentials.
  • Engagement, buying signals and closing sales
  • Expansion of distribution to more plant nurseries over period of time
  • Distribution to garden shops, shopping malls, agriculture shops and grocery units.

  • Training to communicate with plant nursery person and to customers
  • How to close deals with plant nursery person
  • Presentation skills
  • Business writing skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Cross culture communication
  • Win- Win conversation
  • Selling skills
  • Team work

  • Placing orders
  • Receiving order receipts
  • Order process notifications
  • Product dispatch
  • Product dispatch
  • Product received confirmation
  • Minimum purchase order
  • Product exchange and returning

  • Individual social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin will be given to each territory with their territory names to boost up the sales.
  • Guiding and trainings on postings on individual product, customer visits to plant nursery, Live shows in plant nursery, sales and customer reviews after usage.
  • Posting videos related to plant nursery person experience of product sales and its result.
  • Targeting right audience
  • Scaling the business
  • Reaching large audience
  • Business analysis
  • Online earnings

  • Preparing for next steps
  • Evaluation
  • Follow up support
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance
  • Long term evaluation
  • Overall sales in plant nursery
  • Customer buying behaviour
  • Fast moving and slow moving products
  • Product results
  • Product review from customers

  • Product inventory
  • Product purchase
  • Product sales
  • Accounting
  • Product expiration
  • Inventory status report
  • Payment
  • Pricing
  • Product In and Out
  • Forecasting

  • Importance of product display in plant nurseries
  • Various fixtures used for product display
  • Managing displays to reduce expiry
  • Elements of visual merchandise
      1. Colour
      1. Focal point
      1. Expose customers to the maximum amount of merchandise
      1. Tell a story
      1. Use empty space wisely
    • Stand staking
    • Front end merchandising
      1. Price display
      1. Discount display
      1. Brand display
      1. Group display