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  • 7000 Gardens
  • 500000 Customers

About My Dream Garden PAN India Distribution-ship

MDG Distributorship is all about connecting right plant care products to the people through distributors,

With an aim to make people confident and successful in growing plants

With affordable, adoptable and acceptable best plant specific scientifically designed nutrients, pest and disease management products

With a vision to convert all terraces, balconies and other empty spaces with lush green edible veggies, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, medicinal and indoor plantation

Along with educating, training and guiding distributors, nursery men and people by skilled, efficient and passionate team

With a mission to create 228 entrepreneurs, reaching 137 cities and helping every garden enthusiast to grow plants by making all these products available across India.

  • 26 States
  • 130+ Cities
  • 130+ Distributors
  • 1500+ Plant Nurseries
  • A. Why you should take My Dream Garden Distributionship

    1. High Profit Margins to Distributors (15 %) as well as Nursery person (35 %)
    2. Less business Investment
    3. Minimum infra structure for operations
    4. Less labor intensive
    5. No burden in product transportation and logistics
    6. Highly demand-able products
    7. Huge gardening market size
    8. No competition
    9. Perfect and professional support system
    10. Expertise, experienced, Research & Development in gardening industry
    11. Multi fold branding and marketing
    12. Training and guiding
    13. Line of new products
    14. Smooth supply chain management
    15. Future growth

  • B. How My Dream Garden Distribution ship is more profitable

    1. There are no marketing executives, Whole sellers, Agents and employees involved in this entire distribution chain, so we can save 20 % of profit margins.
    2. Very less expenses on operations and overhead charges as the business model is very lean.
    3. Direct Profit margin for Distributor is about 15 % and 35 % for Nursery person
    4. Ever growing gardening industry with Huge product demand
    5. Line of Result-oriented products for different varieties of plants
    6. Different revenue channels like online sales, own product outlets and direct product sales to customers other than nursery distribution
    7. Business support through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google ads
    8. Dedicated call centers to Distributors, Nursery person and Customers
    9. No limits for product distribution in distributor territory
    10. Less labour-intensive distribution and limited logistics involved
    11. Extensive customer base with zero competition
    12. Single distributor per territory

My Dream Garden Distribution Ship


Everyone Is Not Eligible For Everything,Find Out

• The age limit of distributor should be 22 – 60 years
• He/She should have good communication skills
• He/She should be ready to travel in local places and nurseries
Hard working
• Ability to manage minimum manpower and support people
• Wish to help people in growing plants successfully and confidently
Business forecasting and sales boost up skills
Manage logistics
My Dream Garden
My Dream Garden Distribution Ship

Mega Distributors Offer

25% discount on Royalty fee for Distributors if He/She registers for distribution-ship before March 31st 2021

1st 25 distributors will get additional 20% worth of products on total product fee

1st payment for products should be done before April 28th 2021

2nd payment for products should be done before May 25th 2021

By 1st June 2021 plant care products will be dispatched for delivery
My Dream Garden Distributionship

Distributors Margins

Distributor- 15 %

As there are no middleman between My Dream Garden and Distributor in this Distributorship, a huge margin of 15 % will be given to distributor which makes him more profitable

Nursery Person- 35 %

With 35 % margins to Nursery person, he will start selling more products to customers in turn Distributors will get more orders from nursery person.

Inspired by the Distributionship?

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Dispaly Stand AT Plant Nurseries

Product Packing & Sales Process

Transportation & Logistics


Market Analysis

  • Number of Plant Nurseries & Garden Shops

    Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years
    There are approximately 2.5 lack nurseries and garden shops present across India.
    Global warming, climate change and diminishing greenery, mordren day and stressful life style, all these created a huge awareness among people in India and all across the world so one can witness the importance of plants in our life. Now in all the birthday parties, marriages and any other functions, people are distributing the saplings. In all community programs, Govt and private programs will start with pouring water to plants and planting a sapling.
    One can witness this huge development of grow green movement through number of nurseries and garden shops around your neighbour areas.

  • Availability Of Products In Plant Nurseries & Garden Shop

  • Gardening Market Segmentation By Plantation Wise

  • Market growth

    Considering market size for 8 plant care products
    Total Indian population-137 Crores
    6.5 % percent of people are practicing gardening and facing issues related Nutrients, Pest & Diseases that is 8.5 Crores
    If a person purchases 8 products worth of Rs. 80/- per month then Rs. 80/- X 8.5 Crore people = Rs. 680/- Crores per Month Sales
    Considering Per Annum Sales= Rs. 680/- Crores X 12 Months = Rs. 8160/- Crores

  • Research and Development

    We are Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in the company and overseeing the development of new products.
    We mainly focus on best nutrient technology which enables the gardeners to harvest sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables and grow plants successfully.
    Providing long term nutrient technology helps them to reduce the money spent on the nutrients and decreases the nutrient application rates. Providing an effective molecule which reduces the pest and diseases load will ensures higher yields from what they grow. Best pest and disease controlling solutions is our motto and to make happy gardeners with our products.
    We have a world class team of dedicated, professional, skilled and experienced experts to keep innovating new plant care products to capture the gardening industry to boost up your sales and profits round the year. We as a team will always be with you and ready to serve in 360 degree related to plant nutrient management information, pest and diseases queries and any information related to plant care products.

  • 26 States
  • 130+ Cities
  • 130+ Distributors
  • 1500+ Plant Nurseries