100% Assured Successful Future..??


Distribution-ship Available For PAN India


How 100% Assured Successful Future Will Come..??

What is My Dream Garden PAN India Distribution-Ship

MDG Distributorship is all about connecting right plant care products to the people through distributors.
With an aim to make people confident and successful in growing plants With affordable, adoptable and acceptable best plant specific scientifically designed nutrients, pest and disease management products
With a vision to convert all terraces, balconies and other empty spaces with lush green edible veggies, fruits, herbs, ornamental, medicinal and indoor plantation
Along with educating, training and guiding distributors, plant nursery men and people by skilled, efficient and passionate team
With a mission to create 228 entrepreneurs, reaching 137 cities and helping every garden enthusiast to grow plants by making all these products available across India.


Making gardening easy for all…


Making gardening easy for all, by providing Affordable, Adoptable, Acceptable and Available Plant care products & services in day-to-day life of common people who love to grow Greenery.

How We Make Gardening Easy


” To Make People Confident & Successful.
To Grow Green & Go Green Practically. ”

By providing

  1. Proper knowledge
  2. Saves huge time.
  3. World’s Most Affordable

Potting Mix Preparation

Customer Support

Garden Setups


Training Programs

Social Media

Online Delivery

Garden Maintenance

Best Plant Care Products for Nutrient Management at Home Gardens

Best Plant Care Products for Nutrient Management at Home Gardens

Best Plant Care Products for Pest & Disease Management at Home Gardens

Best Plant Care Products for Nutrient Management at Home Gardens

Distribute to Grow Green & Earn

  • 26 States
  • 150+ Cities
  • 150+ Distributors
  • 1500+ Plant Nurseries
  • 7000 Gardens
  • 500000 Customers

Market Analysis

Number of Plant Nurseries & Garden Shops

Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years

There are approximately 2.5 lack plant nurseries and garden shops present across India.
Global warming, climate change and diminishing greenery, Modern day and stressful life style, all these created a huge awareness among people in India and all across the world so one can witness the importance of plants in our life. Now in all the birthday parties, marriages and any other functions, people are distributing the saplings. In all community programs, Govt and private programs will start with pouring water to plants and planting a sapling.
One can witness this huge development of grow green movement through number of plant nurseries and garden shops around your neighbour areas.

Availability Of Plant Care Products In Plant Nurseries & Garden Shop

There is a Huge Scope for Plant Care Products in Plant Nurseries & Garden Shops

Gardening Market Segmentation By Plantation Wise

Market growth

Considering market size for 8 plant care products

Total Indian population-137 Crores
6.5 % percent of people are practicing gardening and facing issues related Nutrients, Pest & Diseases that is 8.5 Crores
If a person purchases 8 products worth of Rs. 80/- per month then Rs. 80/- X 8.5 Crore people = Rs. 680/- Crores per Month Sales
Considering Per Annum Sales= Rs. 680/- Crores X 12 Months = Rs. 8160/- Crores

Research and Development

We are Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in the company and overseeing the development of new products.

We are Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in the company and overseeing the development of new products.
We mainly focus on best nutrient technology which enables the gardeners to harvest sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables and grow plants successfully.
Providing long term nutrient technology helps them to reduce the money spent on the nutrients and decreases the nutrient application rates. Providing an effective molecule which reduces the pest and diseases load will ensures higher yields from what they grow. Best pest and disease controlling solutions is our motto and to make happy gardeners with our products.
We have a world class team of dedicated, professional, skilled and experienced experts to keep innovating new plant care products to capture the gardening industry to boost up your sales and profits round the year. We as a team will always be with you and ready to serve in 360 degree related to plant nutrient management information, pest and diseases queries and any information related to plant care products.

Other Benefits For 137 Distributors

No Loyalty Fees for My Dream Garden new ventures in Gardening Sector. Like Garden Services, new Garden products, accessories & equipments

First priority for Franchise in your cities, in upcoming days.

First priority in all our new projects in your localities.

Future Growth

Till Few years growing plants was just a hobby for few people but now because of the climate change & greenhouse effect, growing at least few plants becoming not only necessity but also responsibility of all the human beings.

As My Dream Garden is a pioneer in gardening industry, we know what plants need.
Nearly 40 Crore people will start growing plantations in their available spaces around their houses, apartments, offices, schools & other sectors.
The demand for plant care products & Gardening services increasing multi-fold from past decade & will reach peaks within 5-10 years.
The market size of all these plant care products will be around Rs. 85,000/- crores in next ten years.
It’s right time for a nature loving social entrepreneur, to invest time, energy & financials to secure great future by contributing to grow green.
My Dream Garden as a leading organization, we dream to make gardening easy for minimum of 10 crore people across our country with potential market size of Rs. 30,000/- crores in next 10 years.
We invite interested, enthusiastic, energetic social entrepreneurs & business dreaming people to join your hands with us as a Distributors to grow together for a bright & great future.

Exact Role Of Distributors

Distributing My Dream Garden plant care products to Plant Nurseries, Garden Shops & places where these products can be sold.
Identifying Plant Nurseries & Gardening shops. Establishing communication with them to place the products.

Informing My Dream Garden commitment to greenery & our Technology support of Plant Nursery Location in our website & increasing customers for Plant Nurseries & Garden shops
Minimum stock maintenance, Supply management, follow up with Plant Nurseries & Garden Shops
Actively implementing our awareness programs, workshops in local communities. To increase awareness on go green & plant care products.
Must be ready to explore new opportunities to increase profits for great future for themselves.
We are committed to committed Distributors to grow along, hand in hand by supporting all necessary market & business requirements.

Products For Distribution

Every Plant & all Gardening enthusiast require these plant care products.
Highly demand-able in Plant Nurseries & Garden Shops. Result oriented for getting good flowers, greenery, succulents, ornamental, indoor, vegetables, fruit plantations by using German & Spain modern, cutting edge gardening technologies.

Distributorship Cost & Profits


Distributorship Cost

₹ 8,50,000

Net Annual Profit

₹ 8,28,096

Market Potential
You can earn up to

₹ 1,14,30,720


Distributorship Cost

₹ 6,00,000

Net Annual Profit

₹ 5,56,248

Market Potential
You can earn up to

₹ 85,73,040


Distributorship Cost

₹ 3,00,000

Net Annual Profit

₹ 2,55,450

Market Potential
You can earn up to

₹ 34,29,216


Distributorship Cost

₹ 1,50,000

Net Annual Profit

₹ 1,21,720

Market Potential
You can earn up to

₹ 21,77,280

Offers and Payment Options

1st 50 distributors will get additional 20% worth of products on total product fee

1st payment as Royalty fee needs to Pay.

2nd payment should be done as part payment for products

Final and 3rd Payment Should be made as remaining part payment for products.

Plant care products will be dispatched for delivery

Product Launch

what clients says


These plant care products come with plant nutrients, pest and disease management ingredients to grow plants easily and to provide them exactly what they need in different growing stages.
You need to approach plant nurseries and garden shops to tie up your business to supply the plant care products.
Always it will increase the sales of the distributors as we continuously educating people about plant care products and its usage.
No, as of now only My Dream Garden is playing major role in the market.
It depends upon the city and the number of nurseries and garden shop for which you supply the plant care products.
Yes, Its 3 years from the date of manufacture
Yes, Distributors should supply the products in their territories only.
No (If present distributor is unable to expand, then another distributor will be allocated)
Those who order the products in our website, we will send the information to particular locality distributors and he has to send the products to customers (Distributors will get 50% margin directly)